FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which size fits a can of evaporated milk? The large size? I don't even know if they make the small cans of milk anymore. Thanks so much.

A: The small 3 inch brown lid fits 14 oz and larger evaporated and condensed milk. I have nothing to fit the tiny cans though. Here's an idea: take a can of corn, stack one on the other, if they are the same size the 3" brown will fit.

Q: Does the Large lid fit a 46 fl oz can of juice?

A: No, it doesn't fit juice. We don't carry that size at this time. Thank you for the question.

Q: Not a question... I just wanted to say thank you again for a great product! The lids fit perfectly and haven't split. Plus, you didn't gouge me on shipping like the last seller of super cheap quality made-in-China-split-within-a-month lids did. I hope you have continued success and your business explodes with new sales and profits!

A: You are very welcome. And I want to thank you for your fantastic feedback!


  • "I'm 84 years old. I use these lids all the time. I open up my can of soup, put half in the pan & then just put the lid right on the can. The next day I take it out of the ice box & use up the rest. It's so easy, I just love them."

    Lela E. of New Jersey

  • "Fabulous little addition to the complete kitchen"

    Anonymous Customer

  • "Fantastic, you don't know you need this item till you have it."

    Anonymous Customer